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Custom Production Orders

Jagger Spun/Jagger Brothers will spin 300 lb. to 500 lb. custom yarn orders as requested by approved customers.

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Jagger Spun Product Lines

JaggerSpun maintains and inventories 6 different product lines of yarn.

our 6 different product lines of yarn come in 28 to 54 dyed shades available within a specific yarn group.

A Little More Background

Our 1 lb cone put-up is ideal for small production knitters, weavers, and retail yarn shops. Specific yarns are offered in multiple sizes such as our Zephyr Wool Silk in 2/18's (spun @ 5040 ypp) and 4/8's (spun @ 1490 ypp). Our new Green Line, Certified Organic Wool, dyed into 36 shades is a 3/8's (spun @ 1490 ypp). Highlight a specific yarn product line to view shades in detail.

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